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Extract More Better

Here’s a brief post about why I aim for higher extractions. (I have much much more to write on this topic, so be ready!) Some people will dismiss extraction yield as an irrelevant and non-subjective method of analysis and I couldn’t disagree more. (Some readers... read more

The EK43 Part Three

Here is where I explain why these graphs illustrate the EK43’s superiority (when coffee burrs are used). – 1 – As I mentioned before, the grinder with the smallest median and mode is the EK43 with coffee burrs. As you would expect, the extraction yield in... read more

The EK43 Part Two

In October, I visited Mahlkonig in Hamburg to conduct some tests at their factory. We wanted to understand more about the EK43 and why it makes coffee taste better. They have quite a lot of equipment to analyse coffee grinders; the most important of which is the laser... read more

The EK43 Part One

Why the Mahlkonig EK43 is better at making coffee smaller. I’d like to start off by apologising for how long the various parts of this series are. It’s 4500 words and gets a bit heavy. Fair warning! The Mahlkonig EK43 is a 30-year-old grinder, originally intended for... read more

Man vs Volumetric

Jamie was entirely focused on the shots when he made them. This does not represent a true service situation and is a big leg-up for the Human party. No human can focus on 3 groups during service with any kind of accuracy. We use VST 22g Precision Filters, Lab... read more
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