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الرجاء إنشاء حساب ل دورة قبل البدء بالدرس

Welcome to the second in our series of Buyer’s Guides. This course takes us to Brazil, the country that shapes the coffee industry more than any other. Brazil is not only the world’s largest producer of coffee but also the world’s second-largest consumer of it (ICO 2021). Metaphorically speaking, when a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, the whole industry feels the effects.

In this course, we look at the history of coffee production in Brazil. We explain how the country came to be dominant in the coffee industry and how that fact impacts the way coffee is produced today. We explore the different coffee-growing regions in the country and how they’re developing increasingly distinct regional characteristics. And we discover how innovations from Brazilian producers and manufacturers continue to transform the coffee industry worldwide.

The Butterfly Effect. Because Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee as well as one of its largest consumers, events in the country have far-reaching effects in the coffee industry.


Brazil was once synonymous with poor-quality coffee. While the country still produces a lot of coffee very cheaply, farmers have also embraced specialty coffee and applied their experience, resources, and new technology to producing some of the world’s best coffees, developing rare varieties and species of coffee, and perfecting a new wave of processing methods.

In this course, we meet with the producers who are breaking the mould of industrial coffee production, and we take you on a trip to see their farms and wet mills. They explain how they are refining their processes to make their coffees tastier or more sustainable — and how your buying choices can affect the lives of the country’s farmers and workers.

And finally, we learn how to get the most out of Brazilian coffee by looking at seasonality, green-grading standards, competitions, and auctions and by exploring the key characteristics of Brazilian coffees for roasters and baristas. Whether you’re a barista, roaster, or green buyer,

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