IM 7.02 AeroPress Baseline Test

الرجاء إنشاء حساب ل دورة قبل البدء بالدرس

This test has been prepared to allow baristas to use any approach to the AeroPress they choose, provided they are consistent in their timings and technique. For example, a barista could use the inverted approach or the upright approach; could steep the coffee and then break the crust after several minutes, or could opt to use an ultrafine grind and a short contact time. As long as you can show you have a command of the method and you are safe and consistent in how you use the brewer, you will pass the test. 

Certain fundamentals covered in the Immersion course must be followed. We don’t want to see any barista plunge the device with a huge amount of force, because this practice greatly increases the turbidity of a beverage. Successful technique will demonstrate a safe, tidy, and efficient approach to this versatile brew method.


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