IM 7.03 Cezve / Ibrik Baseline Test

الرجاء إنشاء حساب ل دورة قبل البدء بالدرس

In this video, Alexandra demonstrates an approach to brewing her cezve that would successfully pass the barista baseline test for cezve. During a practical certification event, a Barista Hustle Coach will ask a barista to explain their recipe before they begins brewing. We present this video as an example of what a Coach is looking for in a baseline test.

To successfully complete the baseline test for the الركوة, a barista must demonstrate the utmost care and attention to portioning the ingredients and safely managing the heat source. A flame burner, if used, should be ignited during the test, not before, and the flame must be extinguished before the end of the testing time. الركوة coffee is prone to boiling over, so baristas must monitor the خليط القهوة temperature throughout the entire brew process. 

Cezveler should be served before the خليط القهوة temperature surpasses 93°C (199°F). The barista should decant the entire contents of the الركوة, grinds and all, into the cup. If a barista chooses to filter the الركوة brew at the end of the process, this is allowed, so long as the brews are served within the allotted testing time. The barista must deliver at least 30 mL of beverage to the BH Coach. 

One element of the scoresheet touches upon raghweh, with an expectation that the crema stretches across the surface of the beverage. Of course, if the service vessel is extremely wide, it will stretch the foam, with the likely result that the foam will break up sooner. If a barista uses a very light roast, the same situation can result, wherein the foam layer is much more prone to breaking up sooner. For this reason, we don’t regard this part of the scoresheet as a pass-or-fail element. We merely include it on the scoresheet as a reminder of traditional customers expectations of being served a cezve that features a persistent foam layer.


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