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Advanced Coffee Making

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BH Unlimited - Individual

$AUD 15.00 / month with a 14-day free trial

BH Unlimited - Up to 5 Baristas

$AUD 69.00 / month

BH Unlimited Team 20

$AUD 99.00 / month

BH Unlimited Team 50

$AUD 199.00 / month

BH Unlimited Team 100

$AUD 299.00 / month

BH Unlimited - Annual Plan

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BH Unlimited Team 20 - Annual Plan

$AUD 1,180.00 / year

BH Unlimited - Up to 5 Baristas (Hard Bean Coffee Roasters)

$AUD 69.00 / month

Advanced Coffee Making - Course & Certification

77 individual lessons and 25 in-depth video explanations will walk you through what it takes to manage quality behind the bar. This is a course specifically for training head baristas and senior staff and cafe owners. Each chapter is followed by a short and challenging comprehension test. You’ll also gain a handy toolkit of calculators, spreadsheets, and posters for your own use. Successful completion of the challenging final assessment will result in an Advanced Coffee Making Certification.

$AUD 149.00