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Coffee Quality Control

BH Unlimited - Individual

$AUD 15.00 / month with a 14-day free trial

BH Unlimited - Up to 5 Baristas

$AUD 69.00 / month

BH Unlimited Team 20

$AUD 99.00 / month

BH Unlimited Team 50

$AUD 199.00 / month

BH Unlimited Team 100

$AUD 299.00 / month

BH Unlimited - Annual Plan

$AUD 145.00 / year

BH Unlimited Team 20 - Annual Plan

$AUD 1,180.00 / year

BH Unlimited - Up to 5 Baristas (Hard Bean Coffee Roasters)

$AUD 69.00 / month
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Baristas are directly responsible for controlling coffee extractions. In order to achieve consistency, they must adopt an organised system for tasting their beverages and know how to perform objective roast assessments. This course teaches you how to monitor the quality of roasted beans and how to assess beverage quality across a work shift, facilitating a healthy feedback loop between roaster and barista. You will learn about green grading, cupping and grading techniques and how to assess espresso too. This is a cupping course for baristas and cafe owners with a focus on getting the customer a cleaner cup.