TWC 5.05 – Recap and Glossary

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Resumen y Glosario

  • Cafes should carefully make the decision about what kind of water treatment system to use i. We examined the pros and cons of ion exchange and reverse osmosis systems. 
  • RO is easier to control but carries a heavier installation cost. 
  • Specialised ion exchange resins allow you to alter the balance of minerals in the buffer separate from the hardness. RO will soften your water, but it will maintain the ratio of the minerals in the buffer to the hardness of the water.
  • It is important to track your water usage so that you know how much water has passed through your treatment system. This helps you to note the intervals at which you need to change or service your filters.
  • Research is lacking on the topic of how the hardness of water interacts with coffee flavour. 
  • The increased concentration of magnesium ions in water has been demonstrated to increase extraction yields.
  • Magnesium-rich water is associated with the positive flavour contributors malic and citric acid, whereas calcium ions in water are associated with an increase in bitter flavour elements such as quinic acid.


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