Published: Jan 30, 2017

Espresso Recipes: Putting It All Together

It’s time for the finale of our series on Espresso Recipes. If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend reading over the previous posts in the series before watching the video: Dose, Measuring Yield, Strength, Understanding Yield, and Time.

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  1. Fritz Janno

    Hi BH,
    Interesting. When do adjust temperature? In the last step?


    • BHLearn

      Hey Fritz. In general, if the shots have dry mouthfeel, try lowering the temp. If they taste sour, go higher. BH

  2. tyler.levick

    Very interesting. Is it my misunderstanding, or do so many people recommend, more than anything, to adjust grind over all other variables when trying to achieve better flavor? I.e. if too sour, grind finer, if too bitter grind coarser.

    • BHLearn

      Hi tyler.levick, we definitely hear that a lot. The trouble is, if grind is the only parameter you ever adjust, the strength of your espresso jumps up and down, sometimes too much. It can mean your better extractions can be overwhelming strong. The hierarchy we’re suggesting you follow in this video will help you come up with something more balanced and sympathetic to your own taste preferences. BH

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