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Barista Hustle’s Coaching program is introducing a new certification for home-baristas. Here’s how it works: It’s called the Home Barista Baseline test. It’s a practical test of precision and efficiency designed for one-group espresso machine users. This new practical certification mirrors our professional Barista Baseline test — the technical standards are the same — the only difference is that this certification is optimized for one-group espresso machines and it’s all set up for video testing. Watch the video of the 2009 World Barista Champion, Gwilym Davies completing the test on his home machine. 

When it comes to efficiency, most home machines don’t have anywhere near as much available energy to heat milk quickly compared with commercial machines. In a similar way, grinders designed for the home are usually less efficient because their burrs are much smaller. The new Home Barista Baseline score sheets are designed with an inbuilt conversion to make sure any equipment limitations will not lose you points.

Even though many of you are stuck at home right now, our goal with this certification is to make it more employable when the time comes for cafes and coffee businesses to reopen. Our Coaching platform integrates online learning and practical certifications in espresso and filter coffee. During this time where many cafes around the world are closed and many baristas are out of work, we wanted to create an opportunity to promote the services of our incredibly knowledgeable Coaches, many of whom have empty training rooms right now. You’re welcome to try the test out for free and to practice as much as you like, and when you’re ready to give it go for real from the comfort of your own kitchen, just look here to find a coach and dive in.

FAQ for Customers

Why did you make the Home Barista Baseline test?
The initiative was designed to give coaches a source of revenue to help keep their coffee schools going during the lock-down and to give baristas at home a fun new challenge.

Do I get a certificate if I pass the test?
Yes. We have created a new certificate called the Home Barista Baseline which will become visible in your Education Dashboard on the website, just a few hours after your coach lets us know at HQ that you’ve completed the test. 

What else do I get?
Every learner that applies to do this test gets access to our flagship online course about espresso coffee called Barista One. This is achieved by a BH coach inviting you onto their coaching team. If you successfully complete the Baseline Test, it will be displayed on your Education Dashboard on our website. From there, you can print and share all your BH credentials even if you don’t have a current subscription with us.

How much does it cost?
All the certification costs from this test go to the Coach so we don’t set an RRP. When you sit the test, you automatically get access to our flagship online course Barista One, plus you’ll be paying for the Coach’s time spent reviewing your exam (plus possible expenses if you have to do any resits.) 

Is it for professionals or home baristas?
This credential is for every home espresso buff, looking to bag a new qualification while they are on lock down.

Can a learner submit a video recorded on their phone or is the testing done through video conferencing/whatsapp or skype?
A coach will specify what their preferred method of video testing is. 

What if I don’t have an espresso machine at home?
That is a problem but you can still do the Percolation Baseline test by video testing – just ask your nearest coach if that’s an option.

What if my machine is not powerful enough to complete the test?
If you have concerns about the capability of your home machines to manage this test, this is what we’re doing to allow for machines that are slower to heat milk and grinders that are slower to produce a dose. It works a bit like a Golf Handicap. We’re calling it an Correction Formula: The commercial standard for heating approx 200 ml of milk is <20 seconds. The commercial standard for grinding ~20g of coffee is <10 seconds. There is a nominal 2 minute time limit for the Home Barista Baseline Test. The time limits for the test assume that a barista’s equipment can meet the commercial standards. BUT Coaches will be using a separate timer to measure how long a grinder takes your grinder to deliver a dose and how long it takes to steam your milk. Any time in excess of the commercial standards listed above will be subtracted from your overall time taken to complete the test. Even if a learner has to steam milk in two separate jugs instead of one, that’s fine too — only the first 20 seconds of the milk steaming process counts towards the total time. 

Can I use a hand grinder? 
Yes you can — only the first 10 seconds of the process counts towards the total time.

Can I use an Aeropress, a stovetop machine, or pre ground coffee? 
No — we’ve gotta draw the line somewhere. But if you don’t have access to an espresso machine at this time, then please ask your nearest coach if they can support the Percolation Baseline test by video link. They probably can.

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