ACM 0.01 – Evenness

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If you distilled all the content from Barista Hustle into one essential concept, you would end up with the word evenness. This word describes the best barista techniques, the best coffee harvest, and the imaginary ideal of the perfect grind morphology.

As your coffee-making advances and your sensory skills become tuned in, you will notice unevenness manifests in flavours as sourness and bitterness. Physically, this identifies most often as weakness and under-extraction.

The Advanced Coffee Making course empowers both the barista working on a traditional pump-machine, and the barista running quality assurance on a super-automated machine. This course is working on two fronts to better equip you: 1) we teach you how best to measure strength using what machines and techniques we have, and 2) we train your sensory awareness to detect unevenness.

The theory behind our thinking on what makes one piece of equipment or technique better than another is its ability to reduce the variance of extraction in all grinds. That means, for example, as grinder development advances, we’d look for a grinder that delivers particles of exactly the same size and shape. It means when we design a tamper, it’s designed to be able to promote the most possible evenness of all the coffee in the coffee bed.

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