ACM 0.07 Prologue and Recap

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Prologue Recap

  • Evenness is at the heart of best practice, right across the coffee chain from farm to cup.

  • Channelling is a critical unevenness in coffee extraction.

  • The main cause of channelling is uneven distribution.

  • There are many different ways to refer to brew ratios — we recommend that you become familiar with all these common applications of this very helpful concept.

  • Grind size distribution can be expressed graphically and where a coffee with a higher peak than another grinder, then this is a step towards evenness.

  • The temperature of a coffee extraction charges the rate of chemical reactions and as the temperature of compounds increases, so too does their solubility.

  • The longer the contact time of a coffee extraction, the larger the range of compounds that can be dissolved.

  • Grinding coffee increases the available surface area. The larger the surface area, the more flavour is available to the water which can increase your ability to reach high extraction yields.

  • Wherever you the reduce the flow rate of water through a pressurised or gravity fed coffee bed, you increase the contact time between H2O molecules and the soluble compounds you want them to bond with. This increases your ability to reach higher extraction yields.

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