ACM 1.06 – Why Calculate It?

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Why Calculate the Amount of Extracted Mass?

There is no substitute for tasting coffee. Every sector of the coffee industry relies on sensory analysis to improve quality. Critically tasting coffee can be achieved once the extracted mass has been measured. Baristas measure extracted mass to help dial in coffees, maintain consistency, and trial new equipment and techniques, while also detecting potential issues with equipment or coffees. Roasters measure extracted mass in each roast batch, matched to a sensory flavour profile, to ensure their coffees are consistently soluble. There is a range of uses for calculating the amount of the extracted mass.

A Microwave Dehydrator

How to do it?

The most accurate system for measuring extracted mass — using dehydration ovens and analytical scales — is prohibitively expensive and slow for most cafes and roasteries. Laboratory-grade dehydration ovens are able to remove H2O without combusting any material or evaporating any coffee mass. However, the most accessible system is refractometry.

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