ACM 2.06 – Coffee Algebra

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Introducing Coffee Algebra

This cheat sheet of equations will help you in the assessments. We’ve put them together to help you grasp and internalise exactly how extraction works. As the course progresses, we get more and more sophisticated in added elements to these equations, but these are the basic framework for all your extraction computations. No apps required — just a calculator.

If you want to print this cheat sheet, download a high-res file Coffee Algebra Cheatsheet A5.

As you can see, the four elements of coffee extraction are quite interchangeable and easily manipulated to discover whatever is missing. You don’t need to remember all of these equations because there’s a simple trick.

Let “T” represent TDS, “D” Dose, “B” Beverage Mass, and “E” Extraction %.

The above equations all point to a simple solution. That TB = ED. (Remember this mnemonically as “The TDS of the Beverage equals the Extraction of the Dose”.)

To discover any one of our variables, simply move its neighbour beneath the opposite side.

For example:

To find T, place B beneath the other side. This would make T = DE/B (TDS equals Dose times Extraction divided by Beverage Mass).

To find D, place E beneath the other side. This would make D = TB/E (Dose equals TDS times Beverage Mass divided by Extraction).

Pretty neat!

Matt explains how to get coffee algebra working

Putting Coffee Algebra to work with some hypothetical brewing calculations

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