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ACM 3.06 – The Making of the Common Coffee Control Chart: A Survey

The Making of the Common Coffee Control Chart: A Survey

Please note: Future versions of this accreditation will have a lesson here called “Introducing the Common Coffee Control Chart’. But before we reach that stage, we have some important work to do and we need your help.

Barista Hustle is making a Common Coffee Control Chart. (CCCC) We are running a survey to make sure we make this chart relevant to you and inclusive for everyone. Every barista has differences in regional references and preferred brew method styles. These references create margins for brewing which are best communicated by brew-ratio. We are re-engineering the amazing work of Earl E. Lockhart in the 1950s to create a Common Coffee Control Chart that helps you find the margins more easily for all methods.

The achievements in coffee technology of the last decade have led to a reexamination of best practice in brewing across the common brewing range. A result of this has been the redrawing of some boundaries. A specific modernisation of the new CCCC is the shifting of the extraction goal posts to the right. To ensure this chart is inclusive of regional preferences that often traverse deeper across the extraction spectrum than has previously been recognised, we are asking for your contribution. In particular, we are researching your preferences for, drip, plunger, cupping, cezve/Ibrik, stovetop, and pod/capsule brew methods to better position these brew methods on this chart.

Here’s the Plan

To correctly place the brew ratio margins for each brew method we need to hear from you on what your highest and lowest ratio is for each brew method style. If you can communicate your answer in terms of dose of coffee and total brew water using grams, with measurements accurate to 0.1 of a gram. We also ask that you don’t include the unit of measurement. Numbers only, please.

Pay special attention to when we ask for beverage weight, as distinct from brew water weight. We’re using the metric system for this survey so answers in grams only.