B1 3.01 – The Shot Time Wizard

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A Protocol for When to Adjust a Grinder Setting and When to Purge

When you adjust the grind setting on a grinder, you are moving the burrs closer together or further apart. Usually one of the burrs is attached to a plate that screws up and down on a thread when you twist the dial on the grinder. This means when you make the grind setting coarser, you are making it easier for the grinds to fit between the burrs because the opening is bigger. So if your grinder has a timer to help give you the correct dose, you need to adjust the timer anytime you change how big the gap is between the burrs.

Sometimes even the best baristas lose control of their grinders. The important thing to do when this happens is to have a game plan to get back inside your margin of error. In this brief Powerpoint, Matt walks you through a Shot-time Wizard to give you a simple protocol to navigate back onto the recipe. This helps you work out three crucial parts of operating a grinder. Adjusting the grind, adjusting the dose and knowing when to purge the grinder.

Shot-time Wizard Powerpoint 


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