B1 7.04 – Recap and Glossary

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Recap and Glossary


  • The efficiency and quality standards used on-bar are key to the success of a cafe.
  • The mise en place of your working environment helps you maintain efficiency, quality, and hygiene in your drink making. It is necessary to work together with a team to make the mise en place helpful for everyone.
  • Cleaning in a cafe environment should be done according to a protocol, with time checks and accurate dosing of cleaning agents.



Backflush The cleaning process used on an espresso machine to ensure exhaust valves and group heads are free of coffee residue

Coffee Cleaning Soap  A non-toxic alkaline cleaning powder used in the backflushing of espresso machine group heads.

Blind basket  A filter basket that has no holes in it, intended for use when backflushing

Exhaust valve  A part of an espresso machine that is designed to release excess pressure in the group head after a shot finishes

Mise en place  The organization of the tools and ingredients in your workspace

Patina  A coating that is gradually built up over time.


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