The Coffee Buyer’s Guide to Guatemala

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CBG 0.01 Prologue

CBG 0.01 About This Course

Welcome to the first in our series of Buyer’s Guides. Each of these short courses takes you to a different coffee-producing country or region. We look at the history of coffee production in each country and see how it affects the way coffee is made today. We show you how producers in each country are innovating to make their coffee tastier or their farms more sustainable. And we explain what you can expect from coffee in each country, from typical flavour profiles and seasonality to grading standards and roasting characteristics.


Perhaps you’re a barista wanting to know more about the coffees you sell, a roaster seeking advice on how to get the flavour profiles you’re looking for, or a green buyer who wants to know about the ins and outs of the supply chain in each country. This series offers you knowledge you need to make savvy, sustainable choices.


This first course in this series focuses on Guatemala. Guatemala is one of the most populous countries in Central America and the second-largest coffee producer in the region.