The Coffee Buyer’s Guide to Brazil

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Minas Gerais

CBGB 1.01 Brazil’s Coffee Growing Regions

Brazil is huge — in terms of land area, close in size to the continental US and nearly twice the size of all the European Union countries combined. Together with the fact that Brazil’s coffee industry is also so large, this means that Brazil’s coffee-growing offers substantial regional differentiation.

The size of Brazil compared with the size of Europe. The combined land area of European Union countries is just over half that of Brazil.

Coffee is grown in half of Brazil’s 26 states. Most of the country’s coffee is grown in the 5 southeastern states of Bahia, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Paraná, and São Paulo, each of which includes distinct subregions. The Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association recognises 33 separate coffee-growing regions, 10 of which are recognised with protected geographical indications, either Denominação de Origem (DO) or Indicação de Procedência (IP). These regions differ not just in their climate and terroir, but also in the species and varieties typically cultivated, the production system, the use of technology and mechanisation, and the economics and ownership structure of a typical farm (Volsi et al 2019). In the following chapters, we will explore the most important of these growing regions.

Brazil’s coffee-growing regions.


Minas Gerais

  1. Sul de Minas
  2. Mantiqueira de Minas (DO)
  3. Chapada de Minas
  4. Matas de Minas (IP)
  5. Montanhas de Minas
  6. Norte e Noroeste de Minas
  7. Cerrado Mineiro (DO)
  8. Campo das Vertentes (IP)

São Paulo

  1. Alta Mogiana (IP)
  2. Alta Mogiana
  3. Média Mogiana
  4. Marília e Garça
  5. Ourinhos e Avaré
  6. Região de Pinhal (IP)


  1. Planalto Baiano (A. Chapada Diamantina; B. Planalto de Vitória da Conquista; C. Serrana de Itiruçu/Brejões)
  2. Oeste da Bahia (IP)
  3. Atlântico Baiano

Espírito Santo

  1. Montanhas do Espírito Santo (DO)
  2. Conilon Capixaba


  1. Norte Pioneiro do Paraná (IP)
  2. Paraná


  1. Rondônia
  2. Matas de Rondônia

Rio de Janeiro 

  1. Noroeste/Norte do Rio de Janeiro
  2. Serrana do Rio de Janeiro
  3. Sul do Rio de Janeiro

Other Regions

  1. Ceará
  2. Goiás
  3. Pernambuco
  4. Planalto Central
  5. Caparaó (DO) 
  6. Acre
  7. Mato Grosso