CBGB 1.03 Sul de Minas

Growing Regions

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Harvest: April–September
Altitude: 900–1,300 metres (2,950–4,260 feet) above sea level
Rainfall: 1,500–1,800 millimetres (60–70 inches)
Temperature: 17–24°C (63–75°F)

Sul de Minas, in the south and southwest of Minas Gerais, has a long history of coffee production and grows as much as 30% of Brazil’s coffee. It has a fairly humid climate and mild average temperatures, although the overnight temperature occasionally dips below zero at lower latitudes.

Farms in the region are typically family owned and small to medium in size (10–100 hectares), although some farms in the region are much larger. The main varieties grown are Catuaí and Mundo Novo, and the coffee is mainly dry-processed.

Thanks to the high altitudes and cool climate, coffees from Sul de Minas can include some fruity aromas and citric acidity, and they are typically full-bodied.


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