The Coffee Buyer’s Guide to Brazil

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Minas Gerais

CBGB 1.04 Mantiqueira de Minas

Growing Regions

Harvest: May–September
Altitude: 800–2,250 metres (2,620–7,380 feet) above sea level
Rainfall: 1,500–2,000 millimetres (39–79 inches)
Temperature: 16–22°C (60–70°F)

‘Mantiquiera’ comes from the Tupi word Amantikir,  or ‘crying mountains’, named for the large number of springs and streams found there. Part of the wider Sul de Minas region, coffees from Mantiqueira de Minas earned the designation Indicação de Procedência (IP) in 2011 and were recognised with the stricter Denominação de Origem (DO) in 2020 (Texeira and Santos 2020).