CBGB 1.05 Chapada de Minas

Growing Regions

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Harvest: May–September
Altitude: 800–1,200 metres (2,620–3,940 feet) above sea level
Rainfall: 700–1,300 millimetres (28–51 inches)
Temperature: 18–25°C (64–77°F)

Situated in the northeast of Minas Gerais, Chapada de Minas has a diverse landscape. with plateaus crisscrossed by high ridges and river canyons. It’s a relatively new area of coffee production compared with the more established growing regions in the south and west of the state.

Coffee is mainly grown on the flatter plateaus, and mechanised production is common throughout the region (Barbosa et al 2012). Farms are mainly small, growing Catuaí and Mundo Novo, and mostly perform dry processing, although washed is becoming more common. Coffees from the region are typically balanced in body and acidity, with caramel and dried fruit flavours.


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