The Coffee Buyer’s Guide to Brazil

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Minas Gerais

CBGB 1.06 Matas de Minas

Growing Regions

Harvest: April–September
Altitude: 600–1,200 metres (1,970–3,940 feet) above sea level
Rainfall: 1,050–1,650 millimetres (41–65 inches)
Temperature: 18–24°C (64–75°F)

Centred around the city of Manhuaçu in the southeast of Minas Gerais, Matas de Minas (‘Forests of Minas’) is one of the longest-established coffee-growing regions in the state. The coffee plantations established here in the mid-nineteenth century drove much of the growth of Brazil’s coffee industry during this period. The area is characterised by rolling hills that were once covered by lush Atlantic rainforest.