CBGB 2.05 Ourinhos e Avaré

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Harvest: June–September
Elevation: 500–1,000 metres (1,640–3,280 feet) above sea level
Rainfall: 1,200–1,440 millimetres (47–57 inches)
Temperature: 16–30°C (61–86°F)

The hydroelectric dam at Chavantes, near the city of Ourinhos.

To the south of Marília and Garça, close to the border with Parana, lie the small cities of Ourinhos and Avaré. The region lies along the Paranapanema and Itararé rivers, whose dams have created vast reservoirs that produce hydroelectric power.

The relatively higher humidity in the region means that coffees are mostly processed with the pulped natural method, to avoid fermentation during drying. As with neighbouring Marília e Garça, farms are mostly family run and small to medium in size, growing varieties such as Bourbon, Catuaí, and Obatã.


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