CBGB 3.04 Atlântico Baiano

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Harvest: April–August
Elevation: 100–800 metres (330–2,620 feet) above sea level
Rainfall: 990–1,400 millimetres (39–55 inches)
Temperature: 21–26°C (70–79°F)

Worker harvesting conilon near Itabela, in Atlântico Baiano.

Atlântico Baiano lies in the south of Bahia, along the Atlantic coast close to Espírito Santo. Small farms in the region grow the Brazilian lineage of Coffea canephora known as conilon. Farms in the area often use wet processing, a method more commonly associated with arabica producers.

Warm winter temperatures and steady rainfall make the region ideal for producing conilon (Covre et al 2016). However, coffee-growing is a major contributor to deforestation in the region (Landau et al 2008). Coffee cultivation severely threatens Bahia’s few remaining fragments of primary Atlantic rainforest, which are globally important biodiversity hotspots.


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