IM 4.05 AeroPress Recipe with Jessica Sartiani

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In this lesson, Jessica Sartiani shows you how to make an AeroPress with as smooth and transparent a body as a pour-over — in less than 8 minutes. Jessica is a barista trainer and the BH Italian Translation Partner, based in Florence.

The key to achieving the most clear body is the filtration. If you want the ultimate flavour clarity in an AeroPress, you need to use a fine filter that can remove all, or most, of the suspended solids. But the risk is that if you use a filter that is too fine, the filter can get blocked, making it almost impossible to plunge the AeroPress. In the video (above), Jessica describes a method of increasing the transparency of AeroPress brews by utilising a double filter system. This diagram below shows you how to set it up. And here is a link to view an example of the kind of lab filter Jessica recommends in the video. Note that filters like this may not be available in the precise AeroPress filter diameter, which is 63.5mm (2.5 inches).

How to arrange your AeroPress if you wish to use a post filter. 


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