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Pressurised Immersion

IM 4.10 Recap

  • The AeroPress was invented in 2005 by toys designer Alan Adler.
  • Award-winning AeroPress proponent Jeff Verellen, together with Adler, endorse the use of brew water at approximately 80°C, far lower than is normally used in filter coffee, particularly when a coffee is darker roasted. 
  • Many baristas, including Verellen, endorse the use of bypass when preparing AeroPress. In other words, they dilute the brew by adding hot water to their finished brews after pressing. 
  • Using two AeroPress filters helps to slightly reduce the turbidity of an AeroPress. 
  • Scientist Nasko Panov demonstrated the importance of screwing the cap onto an AeroPress firmly to avoid unwanted turbidity
  • If an AeroPress filter cap is screwed on loosely,