MS 4.04 Milk Foam Profiling

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Now that you are developing a stronger awareness of what contributes to the production of the best foams for latte art, let’s profile the Australian latte artist Shinsaku Fukayama. For this experiment, we compared various steamed milk samples. Each was prepared using 100 ml of milk. We simply asked Australian Latte Art Champion, Shinsaku to steam milk for us that he considered was at his best quality.

Next we took samples of the foam and examined it using a microscope camera at around 60 times magnification. By superimposing measurements of our callipers at exactly 1mm, we were able to blow up the images and ascertain the bubble count per square millimetre. This new system for analysis determined that Shinsaku’s expertly created foam has an average bubble count of 72.9 per square millimetre.

In this footage, Matt walks you through how we conducted this test and how we have used foam profile to check in on some other interesting coffee foam interactions including Ostwald Ripening

In this image you can see Shinsaku’s milk foam captured from the microscope at sixty times magnification. The white line is 1mm.


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