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P 6.01 – Zero Head Room

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Zero Head Room

When it comes to storing your brewed coffee after it has finished brewing, there is only one good solution. At this point in the evolution of coffee technology, the best means of storage is to use vacuum flasks. Even this will maintain optimum coffee quality for only around half an hour after brewing.  


As we discussed in Lesson 1.01 of this course, the specific heat of a flask will determine how much heat is lost from the brewed coffee. Many flask designs have thick glass linings. This is beneficial for cleaning, but these linings have potential to reduce brew water temperatures by several degrees if they are not preheated.  

Containing Volatile Aromatics

The loss of aromatic gases is difficult to prevent because aroma loss occurs even during the grinding and brewing process. To limit the amount of aromatics that are lost after brewing, the key is to seal up the coffee immediately. Systems that direct all the brewed coffee directly into a flask are the best at capturing aroma. However, it is essential to have the appropriately sized flask. Ideally, there will be no head room at the top of the brewer after the brew finishes drawing down. The flask should be brim full and hermetically sealed (i.e., sealed so that no air can leave or enter it).
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