This month we head to Brazil and Daterra Farms, by way of Cafe Lomi in Paris, with a coffee fermented using carbonic maceration — or as the French like to call it, Méthode Beaujolais — before being naturally processed. They’ve helped produce a coffee bursting with tons of cherry, layers of chocolate, dried fig, and pineapple, with a wine-like, creamy, and clean finish.

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About the coffee:

Name: Cafe Lomi Méthode Beaujolais

Harvest: 2017

Plant Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

Process: Carbonic maceration fermentation, naturally processed

Farm location and other characteristics:

Country: Brazil

Region: Cerrado, Patrocínio

Producer: Daterra

Altitude: 1,138m

Map Location: here

We were incredibly fortunate (and were totally blown away) to have Cafe Lomi provide us with an absolute wealth of information. Here’s a link to the full pdf of info (read it! It’s fascinating!)

Here’s some of that info below:

The farm:

Daterra is a farm driven to produce consistent specialty coffee with a reliable cup profile, year-in-year-out. Doing everything on the cutting edge, they invest massive amounts of their resources in research & development, testing innovative equipment and techniques, and generally pushing the boundaries. Their philosophy is similar to car companies investing in F1 racing — all the investment in innovation will trickle down to improve the bulk of production.

Daterra produced an amazing video for our Superlatives subscribers, clearly explaining how their farm works, what their general philosophy is on sustainability and quality, leading to how the ‘Lomi plot’ for Barista Hustle (pulled from the 1% of the total output of the farm!) came to exist.

Seriously: stop and watch this. The production value alone is just gorgeous.

The process:

Naturally processed. The whole cherries were fermented in closed beer tanks for 48hr, then pulped with minimal amounts of water. Dried on covered raised beds for 30 days, raked twice per day, the coffee then spent six hours in a drying oven at 30°C to homogenise and finish the drying.

The roaster: Cafe Lomi

Cafe Lomi is a team of passionate young people, “gathered by the will to perpetuate a quality know-how”. Their team is made up of cosmopolitan profiles including artisan roasters, barista champions, certified trainers, and equipment experts. Their “know-how” has been awarded several times now: Best Roaster of France in 2011, French Champion of Latte Art in 2011, 2014, 2016, French Champion of Coffee in Good Spirits in 2016 and 2017.

Check out the info on the roast curves in their information pdf (here) — they truly showcase their passion and care. We’ll have a video up soon showing more from Cafe Lomi! Stay tuned : ) 

The Water:

Cafe Lomi roasted and cupped to BH Water, Recipe 4, taken from our DIY recipes here. For a refresher, here’s the recipe:

Recipe 4 – Barista Hustle Water Recipe:

  • 48.8g Buffer
  • 19.4g Mg
  • 931.8g DI water

You should really give this a go!

The Brew Guide:

Cafe Lomi have given us a kick-ass V60 brew guide for this coffee (don’t forget to build some water to brew with) that’s worth the soundtrack alone.

Let us know how you went with your brew in the comments below! 

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