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Assemble Your Team

After you’ve signed up for a BH Unlimited Team or a BH Coaching subscription, here’s how to add a barista to your team. 

  • Go to ‘my account’ which is visible from any page on our website. 
  • Select the link that says ‘teams’.
  • Follow the link to ‘view team’. And you’ll notice a dropdown that invites you to ‘add member’
  • To add a member, just paste in their email address into the box provided and click send.
  • Or, you can just copy the linking code and text or email it to a team member. 
  • This is how it looks on the website:

  • This link will not expire until you press the ‘regenerate link’ button. From time to time you can elect to regenerate the link to prevent old links being used without you knowing. 

Note: If you regenerate the link immediately after sending people an invitation, they won’t be able to get in because they don’t have the latest version.

Manage Your Team 

  • You can swap out old members with new ones at any point,  if someone leaves your company or you wish to make room for a new learner. 
  • Go to ‘my account’
  • Select the link that says ‘teams’.
  • Follow the link to ‘view team’. You’ll see a list of existing team members. This shows you who has accepted you invitation. 
  • You can remove a member from the team by pressing  the ‘Remove’ link to the right side of the list. 

Note: Some good news for the person leaving the team — they will lose access to their account because you won’t be paying for it anymore, but they won’t  lose their course progress. As soon as they reactivate their membership, they will be able to access all their certificates and course progress. 

Appoint a Manager

  • Press ‘Set as manager;’ if you wish to give another team member the ability to add or remove members from your team. 

Monitor a Learner’s Progress

  • The URL to check up on the progress of a team member is baristahustle.com/learner/*username* – replace *username* with their unique username.
  • You can also add their email address instead of their user name if that is convenient.