Kedamai Lot #07


Manufactory began working with Kata Maduga Cooperative Union last year. Manufactory’s radiantly hand printed retail offering includes two lots from Kedami. After cupping their way through all of Kata Maduga’s offerings, they tell us, ‘a few were immediate stand-outs; most notably Kedamai Lot #7 … [this lot] particularly checked all the characteristics of what we look for when sourcing out of Jimma: clean, crisp, with bursting florals and mellow acidity.’

‘This was the first year of production for Kedamai washing station as part of the Kata Maduga Cooperative and we feel so privileged to share their exquisite coffees with you. Expect notes of Black Currant, Assam Tea, Clementine, Green Grape, Juicy Mouthfeel from this exclusive offering.’

The roasting style has targeted lots of development, featuring sweetness and body which we feel lends itself to full immersion brewing. Here’s how we brewed it today at BH HQ.


Jug Method

Temp: 99°C
Dose: 34g
Brew Water: 500g
Contact Time: 8-10 minutes
Grind Setting: For large brew volumes, you’ll need to grind a little coarser because they will cool down more slowly. For this size, we ground a touch coarser than in the region of your cupping grind setting.

The jug method mirrors the cupping method in almost every respect. The difference is that it is limitlessly scalable. This method can brew litres of coffee at once. If you do choose to brew huge batches with this method, you may want to drop the brew water temperature accordingly. This is because the rate of extraction will decline more slowly where there’s more thermal mass.

Add the dry grinds to the base of your French press, then add all the brew water in a rapid flow that is sufficient to saturate all the grinds simultaneously. Just like we do when we prepare a cupping, we leave the crust of coffee to stand for four minutes.

Break the crust by stirring right to the base of the French press around eight times. With the help of a spoon or spatula, we stir from north-south motion with two or three repetitions, followed by the same motion from the east-west.

After breaking the crust, leave the coffee to stand for another four to six minutes to allow the brew liquor to clarify. Then at the point where you might normally begin to cup a coffee, gently decant your jug coffee into cups to share around. Today, we really got all that grape and current flavour that the folks from Manufactory are diggin’ with a long muscovado sugary sweetness.