The Coffee Buyer’s Guide to Guatemala

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CBG 4.07 Comprehension Test — Chapter 4 Quiz

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  1. 1. CBG4.1

    What percent of Guatemalan coffees graded for export are awarded the highest grade (SHB)?
  2. 2. CBG4.2

    In Guatemala, what is the minimum elevation at which a coffee must be grown in order to be graded Strictly Hard Bean (SHB)?
  3. 3. CBG4.3

    How is Anacafé funded?
  4. 4. CBG4.4

    In 2020, what price set a new record for the highest price ever paid for Guatemalan coffee at auction?
  5. 5. CBG4.5

    Which of the following locales is favoured by Raúl Rodas but not included among the eight coffee-growing regions identified and promoted by Anacafé’?