The Coffee Buyer’s Guide to Guatemala

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  1. 1. CBG5.1

    Which of the following was one of Guatemala’s main exports before coffee cultivation was introduced to the country?
  2. 2. CBG5.2

    What year marks the end of the Guatemalan Civil War?
  3. 3. CBG5.3

    What percent of Guatemala’s export revenue does coffee generate?
  4. 4. CBG5.4

    Which of the following is a coffee-growing region recognised by Anacafé?
  5. 5. CBG5.5

    Which region receives the greatest amount of annual rainfall?
  6. 6. CBG5.6

    What percent of Guatemalan coffee is grown under full sun?
  7. 7. CBG5.7

    What percent of Guatemalan coffee farmers are defined as smallholders (i.e., cultivating less than 3 hectares, or 7.4 acres, of land)?
  8. 8. CBG5.8

    Which is the most commonly grown coffee variety in Guatemala?
  9. 9. CBG5.9

    What advantage does Caturra have over its Bourbon parent?
  10. 10. CBG5.10

    Which of the following varieties includes robusta parentage?
  11. 11. CBG5.11

    Along with a Sarchimor, which is the parent variety for the F1 hybrid known as Centroamerico (H-1)?
  12. 12. CBG5.12

    Which technique involves attaching an arabica plant to a robusta rootstock?
  13. 13. CBG5.13

    What months define the peak of the Guatemalan harvest?
  14. 14. CBG5.14

    In the early 1900s, which country imported the majority of Guatemalan coffee?
  15. 15. CBG5.15

    In what year was the Guardiola invented?
  16. 16. CBG5.16

    According to the International Labour Organisation, what distinguishes ‘child labour’ from ‘child work’?
  17. 17. CBG5.17

    How are Guatemalan coffee beans graded for export?
  18. 18. CBG5.18

    What percent of Guatemalan coffee is grown at less than 1,400 m (4,600 ft.) above sea level?
  19. 19. CBG5.19

    How many defects per 300 g are typically allowed for European preparation in Guatemala?
  20. 20. CBG5.20

    In which year did Guatemala exit the International Coffee Agreement?