The Barista’s Guide to the Galaxy


EK-43 Series: One / Two / Three – Matt Perger
Heating In Grinders – Christian Klatt
Minimizing Static – Home Barista
Thoughts On Grinders – Matt Perger
How To Align Your EK-43 – Michael Cameron

Chemical Reactions During the Roasting Process – Sweet Maria’s
Let’s Talk About Roasting – Barista Hustle
To Blend or Not to Blend – Barista Hustle
Everything is a Blend – Barista Hustle
Roasting Q&A – Tim Wendleboe

How To Make A Happier Workplace – Ashley Rodriguez
Budget Friendly Benefits: How Small Businesses Can Offer Big-Time Support – Diana Mnatsakanyan-Sapp
Hiring A Diverse Staff – Liz Dean
How To Develop A Training Program: One / Two / Three / Four – Diana Mnatsakanyan-Sapp
The How-To Guide To Running A Cafe – Ashley Rodriguez
Hiring Diversely: One / Two / Three – RJ Joseph

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