CQC 0.01 Why are You Cupping?

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In the past, coffee roasters were the arbiters of quality; they held the secrets, and baristas didn’t have access to their knowledge. As coffee culture shifts closer to a business model like that of the wine industry, the role baristas play in the feedback loop that connects consumers and producers has been repositioned as an essential filter for quality control. 

The barista is ‘on the scene’ to register the impressions of customers as they sample new flavours and new roast batches. Similar to the role of a sommelier in wine, there is a growing expectation that a barista can deliver accurate and well informed descriptions of coffee’s flavours and account for how those flavours may have gotten there. This means baristas need to train their sensory skills and extend their knowledge of how coffee is grown and processed. 

It is important for roasteries to know that the baristas brewing their coffee are producing beverages of stable and consistent quality. This way, roasters can feel confident that their roasting style is being well represented. Baristas are directly responsible for controlling coffee extractions. In order to achieve consistency, they must adopt an organised system for tasting their beverages and know how to perform objective roast assessments. This course teaches you how to monitor the quality of roasted beans and how to assess beverage quality across a work shift, facilitating a healthy feedback loop between roaster and barista. 



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