Where it all began: the inaugural Superlatives. An idea started as a thread on the Facebook Page, now grown into a subscription sent to over 900+ subscribers, in over 40+ countries. 

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The Coffee:

Ninety Plus was founded in 2007, and quickly shot into the top echelons of the specialty coffee space. They have their own farms in both Panama and Ethiopia, the former being the largest single variety coffee estate in the World. They are communicating their coffees in unique ways: eschewing the usual processing method or variety in favour of ‘Taste Profiles’. Their work in both ecological cultivation and proprietary processing systems continue to produce some of the most awarded coffees. If you’re keen to get your hands on some, engage with one of their agents to talk options on accessing their latest coffees. Also, check out their newly released video of the Panama Gesha Estate. All shot in 4K – you can feel the nature! 

Tasting Notes: While the citrus and floral aspects typical of great geshas are present, Juliette adds a honeyed شعور الفم to the overall taste experience. Resonant tones of butter, orange, milk chocolate, cashew fruit and cassis emerge powerfully as the coffee cools.

Location: Silla De Pando, Volcan Panama

Elevation: 1,350 – 1,800 meters

Story: A road runs from our estate guest house to the processing facility lined with beautiful Datura plants. At dusk, its giant bell flowers emit a compelling fragrance. Legend has it that the indigenous Gnobe people of Panama would pick these flowers and place them under their pillows as a sleep aid. In ancient lore datura was an essential ingredient of love potions and witches’ brews. During the particle and vapor stages of evaluation in Sensory Room, we were brought back to that evening walk by scents of honeysuckle, tangerine zest, milk chocolate, and floral fragrance. Juliette’s delicate, feminine taste profile evoked the sweet smell of datura flowers, young love and Shakespeare’s iconic heroine.

If you have any questions for the Ninety Plus team, head to the forum and post a question in the Ninety Plus thread! They’re ready for anything.

Don’t forget: we sent $1 from every order to the International Womens Coffee Alliance. Thanks for taking part!

Juliette was roasted on Sensory Lab’s Probat UG22 by Andy Todd. We aimed to be as light as possible, but avoided any underdevelopment. Head here to see the profile, learn more details and ask questions! I’ve brewed over 20 cups of this coffee to find out exactly how it performs. Head هنا to see my brewing tips and a foolproof water recipe, or hit me with questions!

I’ve set up a Juliette category over at Community.BaristaHustle just for us! You can join discussions about the coffee, Ninety Plus, brewing, roasting, and Superlatives itself. 


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