Ask a Question

We’re building a giant database of coffee related questions and answers called the Knowledgebase. On this page you can ask questions, and the BH team will devote time each week to answer them. We’ll look at the votes on each question to decide where we spend our time. On the knowledgebase page you can browse questions, vote on unanswered questions to get answers sooner, and read through previous answers.

Here’s some tips:

  • When writing your question title, get straight to the point. Someone reading only the title should understand at least 80% of the question.
  • As the knowledgebase grows, it will become more likely that your question is already asked or answered. They will appear as you write your title. Please vote on similar questions to express your interest, or add comments to existing questions if your case doesn’t need a whole new question.
  • Try not to be too specific. Other people might not be in the exact same situation as you, which means your hyper-specific question may get less votes. Keep it general where possible to benefit the largest number of readers!