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BH Unlimited – Individual

$USD 15,- / Monthly Subscription, 1 Barista

Access all online courses and certifications!
Access all of our premium content!
Your certificates never expire!

14 Day Free Trial*
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BH Unlimited – Individual

$USD 145,- / Annual Subscription, 1 Barista

Access all online courses and certifications!
Access all of our premium content!
Your certificates never expire!

20% Discount
On Annual Subscriptions!

BH Unlimited – Teams

From $USD 99,- / Monthly Subscription

For barista teams of up to 20, 50 or 100!
Manage your barista teams online!
Corporate solutions available!

*Free Trial – How Does It Work?

When signing up to a subscription with a free trial, you will be asked to provide payment information on checkout! No payment will be taken from your registered payment method, until the end of the free trial period! You can cancel your subscription any time before your free trial period ends!

Included In The Subscription!

You get access to all of our course materials and you get to take a certification test at the end of each course. If you pass the test, you’ll receive an official BH Certificate validating your newly acquired knowledge and skills! This certificate will never expire and you can choose to make it publicly accessible, using it for work related aplications.

To keep you up-to-date on the latest developments and help make your studies easier, you also get free access to our premium content – videos, apps, white papers & posters.

For BH Unlimited users only, we publish new lessons and/or premium content biweekly giving you early access to the latest research, long before the finished course goes on sale.

For a full list of courses & certifications included in a BH Unlimited subscription, please see this page!

After You Sign-up!

When you have signed up, you will get access to ‘My Account’ area found in the menu under ‘My Education Dashboard’. This is where you’ll find your courses and premium content, your learner profile, deal with account related information and manage your subscription and payment settings.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“All of this new information I have, I’ve been putting into practice every day. I’m more aware of every shot of espresso I pull. The course was very challenging, but something I’ll recommend to people teaching about coffee to help upgrade their content. I felt fulfilled after finishing the course because I know all the feedback we’re giving will benefit future generations of coffee people! I’m looking forward to future courses!”

Felipe Lopez, Chile

“Really great content! I`m opening a new bar and this makes learning so much better!
Time spent, ground covered, price, content. Really impressed!”

Tore Øverleir, Norway

Frequently Asked Questions

Which courses are coming next?

We have a full roadmap of courses. IN no particular order, they include:

Zero – Taking anyone from zero to cappuccino.
Two – Improving efficiency, developing taste, deepening coffee knowledge, manual brewing.
Three – Mastery of extraction, efficiency, speed, and coffee quality.


Hospitality & Service – customer psychology & professionalism.
Cafe Finance – COGS, wages, budgeting, & pricing.
Operations and Management – cafe systems & HR skills.
Technical Skills & Servicing – preventative maintenance, basic repairs, and diagnosis.
Social Media – best practice, analytics, & consumer reviews.

Brewing – fundamental theory & device specific methods.
Sensory Skills – basic cupping, fault identification, triangulation.
Basic Roasting – fundamental theory, applications to brewing.
Green Coffee – basic knowledge, varieties, & flavour.
Water Chemistry – filtration, basic chemistry, effects on flavour.
Can I sign up as an individual?

Yes! The individual plan is just for you.

How do I enrol someone or manage my team?

After creating a team account, you’ll be able to add and remove team members at will in the My Account section on this website. You can also add other members as a team manager to take charge of comings and goings.

Where do I take the courses?
Courses are delivered 100% online, viewable with any device, at any time, and in your own time. We also include practical exercises and experiments for bringing learning into your environment.
Do I get a certificate?
Each course contains a number of quizzes, culminating in a final exam for certification. Certificates are printable and listed as achievements on your public student profile.
What happens when I remove a Barista from my team?
If removed, Baristas can re-enrol personally or within another organisation and not lose progress.
Can I cancel or pause my membership?
Although BH Unlimited is intended as a continuous subscription, you can cancel at any time.

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