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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your courses mobile-friendly?

How long does it usually take to complete a course?
Each of our courses take between 20–30 hours to complete which includes text, video explanations, assessments, and at-home experiments. 

I’ve only been into coffee as a consumer, but aspire to become a barista. Are any of your courses suitable for beginners?
Definitely we have courses that are suitable for aspiring baristas. The best places to start are our Barista One and the Percolation Courses. If you’re serious about getting work as a barista then definitely start with the Barista One course. It is vocation focussed but is a course all about the rudiments of espresso making and milk texturing. Here’s a link to more info about them. You can access these courses through our Unlimited subscription or by purchasing lifetime access to individual courses.

Do I need an espresso machine, refractometer, or any other special equipment?
No. We’ve designed our courses to help everyone that works with coffee, regardless of what equipment they have access to. Practicing the manoeuvres and designs required for latte art may prove difficult without access to a machine, but BH is the web’s leading knowledgebase to learn about the theory of coffee making.

Are all the courses available on BH unlimited yet? I notice some of them say ‘Lessons Publish Bi-weekly’, or ‘Coming Soon’
We publish our newest courses in fortnightly installments. We send you a newsletter every two weeks to let you know what’s new. Each new course we publish involves approximately four months of research, 25–30,000 words of text and will contain ~ twenty videos in each course. Because it’s such a big undertaking, we subscribers would enjoy getting access to our latest course in installments, rather than in one go. So we roll out our new courses in installments. We release approximately one new chapter every two weeks. 

What is the certification process?
For every course you complete, you will receive a Barista Hustle Certified credential. You can locate and print your certificates in your Education Dashboard.  have to complete each lesson and comprehension test, then pass the final assessment (80% or higher) to achieve certification. Proof of certification will be located on the BH site. You’ll be able to share the link with prospective employers. Your certificate is also printable.

Is there live tutoring or webinars available?
To make our online courses affordable and accessible to all Baristas, we’ve opted to make the content always accessible and non-interactive. However, we have many accredited BH Coaches around the world. This wonderful group of coffee experts offer hands-on training. They also offer the Barista and Percolation Baseline tests — these are Barista Hustle’s challenging practical certifications, accessible only through a BH Coach. To find a coach, follow this link:

Can I retake any tests if I don’t pass?
You have unlimited resits on all our tests.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff!

Email: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I subscribe to BH Unlimited ?
After you purchase a subscription, you will gain a membership which gives you access to all our courses, videos, apps, posters, and calculators. Our system will continue to deduct a monthly membership fee from your account automatically. 

I’m looking to purchase an individual course, but I’m having trouble with the transaction. I tried using two different cards and neither worked?
Some cards like Visa prepay can be declined by our system. It can help to clear the cache in your browser, before trying again if your card isn’t accepted. If your credit or debit card doesn’t work, you can use paypal.

How do I put a picture of me on my account details?
It’s done through Gravatar. WordPress uses it to help display reader’s images across all WordPress sites.

How long do I have access to any individual courses I buy?
You pay once and have lifetime access.

What’s the refund policy?
If you’re not happy with the course, we’ll give you a full refund. Simple.

Can I share the course with my friends?
Each user will have to pay for their own access to the course. We reserve the right to limit the number of IP addresses that access the course for each account and revoke access

The Unlimited Subscription is limited to one IP address. Can I sign in from multiple devices?
Yes! Multiple devices or locations are okay, but we’re mainly on the lookout for large-scale abuse.

What languages apart from English do you support at the moment?
Japanese: We offer Advanced Coffee Making, The Water Course, Barista One and Percolation in Japanese.

Russian: Our Advanced Coffee Making Course is fully translated into Russian

Spanish: On our Spanish language site, the Advanced Coffee Making Course is fully translated. All other courses are machine-translated.

I recently purchased a course from you a while ago, but can’t access it. 
Any courses you purchase from us will show up under the ‘my courses’ tab in My Education Dashboard. If you have purchased several courses from us and one of them not showing up, just follow the link that says ‘see all the courses available to me’ on the ‘my courses’ page. It can take a few minutes for payments to be approved. If you can’t find a course here, make sure the payment has been approved.

If you purchased Advanced Coffee Making or Milk Science and Latte Art courses from us before the start of 2018, we will have transferred your membership from our old website over to our new website automatically. If you are having trouble signing in, please contact [email protected] 


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff!

Email: [email protected]

Team Management

Assemble your team:

After you’ve signed up for a BH Unlimited Team or a BH Coaching subscription, here’s how to add a barista to your team.

  • Go to ‘my account’ which is visible from any page on our website.
  • Select the link that says ‘teams’.
  • Follow the link to view team’. And you’ll notice a dropdown that invites you to ‘add member’.
  • To add a member, just paste in their email address into the box provided and click send.
  • Or, you can just copy the linking code and text or email it to a team member.
  • This is how it looks on the website:
  • This link will not expire until you press the ‘regenerate link’ button. From time to time you can elect to regenerate the link to prevent old links being used without you knowing.
  • Note: If you regenerate the link immediately after sending people an invitation, they won’t be able to get in because they don’t have the latest version.


Manage Your Team:

You can swap out old members with new ones at any point,  if someone leaves your company or you wish to make room for a new learner.

  • Go to ‘my account’.
  • Select the link that says ‘teams’..
  • Follow the link to ‘view team’. You’ll see a list of existing team members. This shows you who has accepted you invitation.
  • You can remove a member from the team by pressing  the ‘Remove’ link to the right side of the list.
  • Note: Some good news for the person leaving the team — they will lose access to their account because you won’t be paying for it anymore, but they won’t  lose their course progress. As soon as they reactivate their membership, they will be able to access all their certificates and course progress.
  • If you wish to give another team member the ability to add or remove members from your team, click ‘Set as manager’.


Monitor a Learner’s Progress:
  • Please navigate to ‘My Education Dashboard’ -> ‘Teams’
    Or click on this link:, then click the ‘View’ button next to the team you would like to work on.
  • On the resulting page you will see a list of all team members and to the right hand side of each member you will find a button called ‘User Progress’. Click this button to view your team members learning progress.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have been invited to join a BH Unlimited team but I can’t get access to any of the courses. 
Check to make sure that you have been sent an invitation link to join the team.

You need to click on the link, then create a user ID. When you register, make sure to use the same email address that the link was sent to. As soon as you’ve done that, and you’re logged in, you just need to visit My education Dashboard, then you will see this link to Courses and you will have unlimited access. 

Is there a way to view the progress and completed courses of my BH Unlimited team members?
Yes, follow this link to our instructions for team leaders:

Is it possible to give a team member one course only? For example, can I invite a new staff member to the Barista One course only?
You can’t do this currently, your team member will have access to all our courses.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff!

Email: [email protected]

Tools & Equipment

We’re in the process of migrating our Tools stock. For wholesale enquiries and all support enquiries regarding BH Tools & Equipment, please contact:

[email protected]