Advanced Coffee Making – Course & Certification

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77 individual lessons and 25 in-depth video explanations will walk you through what it takes to manage quality behind the bar. This is a course specifically for training head baristas and senior staff and cafe owners. Each chapter is followed by a short and challenging comprehension test. You’ll also gain a handy toolkit of calculators, spreadsheets, and posters for your own use. Successful completion of the challenging final assessment will result in an Advanced Coffee Making Certification.

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All courses are available for individual purchase with lifetime access (as per this page), or as part of our affordable بباقة باريستا هاسل غير المحدودة. subscription.

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The Advanced Coffee Making Course & Certification is geared towards the coffee professional or home barista looking to enhance and expand their current coffee knowledge. This course will equip you with the necessary tools and information to gain a deeper understanding of extraction and evenness. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to dial in your sensory awareness, and understand the implications behind what we’re tasting and how to taste it — all leading to you producing better coffee behind the bar or at home. 77 individual lessons and 26 in-depth video explanations will walk you through hard-to-grasp concepts and provide practical exercises to do on your own. Each chapter is followed by a short and challenging comprehension test. You’ll also gain a handy toolkit of calculators, spreadsheets, and posters for your own use. Successful completion of the challenging final assessment will result in a Barista Hustle Advanced Coffee Making Certification.

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Yes, the course is 100% online! All you need is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. You don’t need to be in Australia to take the course.

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تستغرق الدورة 30 ساعة كحد أقصى، وهذا يشمل الوقت اللازم لقراءة النصوص ومشاهدة مقاطع الفيديو وإجراء التقييمات والتطبيق العملي في المنزل. وتذكر، عندما تصبح الفصول متاحة لك، يمكنك الاطلاع عليها في أي وقت وإلى الأبد.

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You get lifetime access to seven chapters, 26 in-depth videos, a downloadable “toolkit”, and a Barista Hustle Accredited Certificate upon completion of the course.

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بالرغم من صعوبة هذه الدورة إلا أن دراستها وفهمها ليس أمرًا مستحيلًا. تتناول مقاطع الفيديو المفاهيم الأكثر صعوبة بتعمق وتشرحها بمزيد من التفصيل، كما ستساعدك اختبارات الاستيعاب الموجودة في نهاية كل فصل على تطبيق هذه المفاهيم في صنع القهوة اليومية.

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Email us at [email protected] and we’ll answer your questions as quickly as possible!

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You have to complete each lesson and comprehension test, then pass the final assessment (85% or higher) to achieve certification. Proof of certification will be located on your learner profile on the BH site. You’ll be able to access your certificate and will be able to share it with prospective employers. Your certificate is also printable and keeps its unique security ID.

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يجب على كل مستخدم أن يدفع ليتمكن من الوصول للدورة التدريبية. لدينا الحق في تحديد عدد المستخدمين (عناوين IP) الذين يمكنهم الوصول إلى الدورة التدريبية لكل حساب وإلغاء الوصول.

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In our efforts to make this course affordable and accessible to all Baristas, we’ve opted to make the content always accessible and non-interactive.

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تدفع المبلغ للدورة مرة واحدة لتتمتع بحق الوصول مدى الحياة.

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لا! يستطيع أي شخص شراء إمكانية الوصول إلى الدورة التدريبية.

Can I retake the test if I don’t pass?

نعم، لديك عدد محاولات غير محدود لإعادة الاختبار.

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What’s the refund policy?

If you’re not happy with the course, we’ll give you a full refund. Simple.

هل سأتعلم كيف أحسن من مهارتي التخمير البارد?

We provide the tools and information needed to make better coffee all around, but there isn’t a chapter on التخمير البارد

هل سأحتاج إلى آلة إسبريسو أو مقياس معامل الإنكسار أو أي معدات خاصة أخرى؟

No. We’ve designed this course to help everyone that makes coffee, regardless of their equipment. Some experiments will be difficult to execute without a refractometer, but the vast majority of the course will still be relevant.

هل الدورة مناسبة للمبتدئين في إعداد القهوة سواءً في المنزل أو الباريستا العاملين في المهنة؟

If you’ve never made a coffee before or don’t regularly drink coffee, this course is not for you. If you’re just starting your coffee journey, read through our blog of free resources first to become familiar with some of the basic concepts that lay the foundation for this course. If you are familiar with our blog, this is definitely for you!

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نعم، في الوقت الحالي لكننا نعمل على توفير ترجمات إلى عدة لغات أخرى في وقت لاحق. تابع تحديثاتنا!

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Yes! Multiple devices or locations are okay, but we’re mainly on the lookout for large scale abuse.

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