Published: يناير 30, 2017

Refractometer Method


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  1. hilman.hendraningrat

    a pourover recipe is typically something like 12g -> 200g (i.e. 1:16) ratio. I’ve done a bit of searching it seems that the convention is that this includes that water that is retained by coffee in the filter, so the actual amount of water in the cup will be less than the 200g indicated in the recipe.

    On the coffeetool app., What value do I use in the EY calculation? The amount of water i poured, or should I be weighing the actual beverage weight ?

    • BHLearn

      Hey, thanks for your comment. On the Coffee Tools app, you can use either the Beverage Weight or the Brew Water Weight to calculate extraction. If you decide to use Brew Water, you’ll notice in the Preset Preferences that you can adjust you Liquid Retained Ratio or LRR. To work out your typical LRR you need to find the average across a few brews. Start by measuring the total ‘Brew Water Weight’ which you pour over, then remove the filter cone, and spent grinds and weigh the remaining beverage (less the weight of the carafe it was brewed in. Make sure the brew has finished dripping before you attempt to weight it. For a pourover, a typical LRR will be around 2 grams per gram, or slightly under. BH

    • BHLearn

      Hey emmanouil.michalainas, you might find it interesting reading this very thorough investigation by the folks at Socratic coffee. One useful observation they make is this: ‘It is clear that the filters allowed for a more consistent reading (improved precision). It is not clear, however, if they aided in a more accurate reading.’ They explain the difference between those two concepts in this nice post too. At BH we have found you can certainly obtain useful info from day to day on the bar without using filters. If you really require precision, it appears to be the case that you should use em.

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