This month’s coffee is a Colombian Geisha by Jairo Lopez, roasted by power-couple Esther Maasdam and Ben Morrow of Manattan Coffee in Rotterdam. This coffee is one of the absolute BEST we’ve had all year. It’s super clean, extra sweet, and full of interesting fruit. It may be a natural, but it’s not “natty”.

Luckily, Ben was in Melbourne just at the right time for us to have a pow wow about the coffee and its interesting processing, recommended brewing method, his roasting philosophy, Manhattan the company, and his recent competitions. We did a livestream on instagram, which is available as one of the featured “stories” on our insta channel. You can watch it any time, so there’s no rush.

The Deets
Farmer: Jairo Lopez
Farm: La Estrella
Variety: Colombian Geisha
Altitude: 1700 to 1800
Location: Pijao, Quindio
Process: 30 hr cherry fermentation, then dried on raised beds
Drying: 20 days approx on raised beds.

As per the video, we highly recommend using a harder water for this coffee to get all of the fruits and sweetness. We particularly enjoy the Hendon recipe.

Happy holidays everyone! We’ll be seeing you January for some delicious Rwandan roasted in Hong Kong by a world barista championship regular. 🙂