Imponér julegæsterne med en skudsikker kop kaffe

IMPONÉR JULEGÆSTERNE MED EN SKUDSIKKER KOP KAFFEI løbet af de seneste måneder har vi genbesøgt hver eneste af vores bryggeopskrifter, og så har vi justeret på dem, der havde brug for det. Vores brygguides er generelle opskrifter, som er en god rettesnor for alle vores kaffer. For enkelte kaffer er det muligt at afvige fra opskriften på eksempelvis formalingsgrad og dosering for at ramme smagen helt perfekt. Hver gang.Når du brygger vores kaffer, anbefaler vi, at du anvender en grovere formalingsgrad, end du måske normalt bruger. Men husk nu, at der ikke er nogle regler; kun eksperimenter, der gør os klogere.God fornøjelse – og rigtig glædelig jul.

Posted by CleverCoffee on Sunday, 23 December 2018

Las Misiones

For us, the Misiones from Colombia is more than special. For a long time, we have been looking for a coffee that meets our quality and taste requirements – and a coffee where we can trade directly with the producer. Therefore, we are humbly proud of this coffee, which is our first directly traded coffee and at the same time exclusive to CleverCoffee in Denmark. Collectively this results in a sweet and transparent coffee with a balanced tasting experience. We registered this coffee with Transparency Trade Coffee so we via an independent organization now have their documentation that 17.2% of that price that you pay for a standard bag of 250 grams with us goes directly back to the coffee farm Hacienda Misiones. It is the most open and honest form to ensure that the coffee farmer Luis Fernando gets a sustainable payment for his hard work.

The coffee plants grows in nutrient volcanic soil in 1500-1700 masl in areas with plenty of shade. The variety is Castillo, a typical Colombian variety known for its great sweetness and citrus aftertaste. The coffee is fully washed to highlight the clean and transparent taste and it has been picked when the cherries have reached a sugar content of 14%. All of this combined, results in a sweet and transparent taste of ripe red berries and citrus in a great balance. It is a coffee with a high complexity where you will experience a change in taste depending on the temperature of the coffee.

Brewing Advice

via Clever Coffee
We use a 1:16,5 brew ratio primarily using the Hario V60 2-cups, aiming for a TDS of 1,35 or slightly higher for a clean and transparent yet rich brew. Grind it rather coarsely and you will get a super juicy coffee. If you grind the coffee finer, you will get a very sweet coffee. This coffee has a big spectrum to play with.

Hario V60
30g of coffee ground medium. Use 500g of water at 93C°. Brew time: 3:20 minutes. Bloom with 100g water for 45 seconds. Pour to 300g in 1:20 minute. Pause til 1:40. Pour to 500g in 2:20 minutes. Brew should finish around 3:20 minutes.

16g of coffee ground medium-course. Add 180g of water at 93C° to inverted AeroPress in 30 seconds. Stir 2-3 times. Start pressing at 40 seconds. Finish by 1:10 minutes. Additional information on water and extraction; we recommend filtered water with a ppm of 70-75 and we are aiming for a TDS of 1,40% or slightly higher for a sweet and transparent cup. All things equal, this should produce a sweet and clean cup with a balanced acidity and nice body.

A note on Espresso
21g of coffee ground fine, water at 94,5C°, slow buildup of pressure. Extraction time: 28 seconds. Yield: 38 – 40g. For espresso, we recommend using water of 125-130 ppm.

About Clever Coffee

CleverCoffee is a Nordic Micro Roastery located 20 minutes south of Aarhus, Denmark. Based on numerous years of home barista experiments, CleverCoffee started out as a coffee blog in 2014 – but soon developed into a roastery for the local community. We are rather new on the international specialty coffee scene, so naturally we are very excited to have one of our coffees featured as a Superlative with Barista Hustle here in January 2019, especially as our coffees are getting more and more attention by some of the coffee world’s nicest coffee bars and enthusiasts.

At CleverCoffee, we can barely call ourselves a team, as we are only two people – Lindy Brogaard and Lars Frello – but we are passionate and curious. This approach has given us the chance to work with likeminded professionals from other parts of the culinary scene. Eg. The Misiones coffee that is this month’s Superlative has been used as an ingredient for a coffee panna cotta made by former filled chocolate and dessert world champion, Palle Wiby Sørensen. When served to 65 people at a special event dinner, we brewed and served the Misiones instead of a traditional dessert wine. We just love it, when we can take part in pushing the limits of the experiences that specialty coffee can provide. We work exclusively with the most interesting coffee producers in the world. We buy our green beans directly from the farmer or through socially aware and skilled importers who, with great professionalism, add value in the form of knowledge about better production and organic initiatives while always having the best interest of the coffee farmer in mind. Simply, we feel that this is the right way to do business. We have selected all of our coffees for their unique and exciting characteristics, and you can be sure that our selection always reflects the huge variation in flavor found in the world of coffee. Our coffees come from micro lots from all over the world. Carefully selected and gently profile roasted to the brighter side as to preserve the sweetness and the innate flavours in the bean. For your convenience, we omni-roast all coffees so you can brew them just the way you prefer.