We’re looking for another human to join the team at Barista Hustle!


This is a remote or local part-time position that will include managing our Superlatives subscription, general ecommerce admin, and customer support. The role has the potential to expand to full time January 2019 pending how successfully the applicant can improve and streamline our current systems.


  • general ecommerce and subscription administration
  • email based customer support
  • scheduling and organising roasters
  • formatting and scheduling of various newsletters and social media
  • researching and composing blog posts about coffees
  • generating basic financial, subscriber, and website reports
  • assisting our translation partners with uploads and customer support
  • creating SOP’s for subscription and support tasks
  • miscellaneous tasks and research as required
  • Familiarity with woocommerce
  • Experience with logistics and shipping
  • Intermediate spreadsheet skills
  • Advanced written and spoken English
  • High level of autonomy
Administrator. Though, Jeremy is our “Dean of Studies”, which sets the precedent for you to be called whatever you like.


Pay Range
We’re looking for the right fit rather than specific experience. Anyone from ecommerce veteran to rookie can apply, and the remuneration will reflect that generously no matter where you live.


  • We don’t require or have office hours.
  • Completely remote work is ok, though we hope to bring you to Melbourne at least once a year.
  • You’ll be interfacing directly and building relationships with the best coffee roasteries and professionals around the world.
  • A lot of delicious coffee.
This position has the potential to grow into a full time role of either higher level ecommerce management, and/or Superlatives product and project management.


Please send applications to [email protected] including CV, any references, and cover letter.