Published: Jan 30, 2017

The Hustle Expands

Alex Bernson sadly no longer works for Barista Hustle. He has since moved on to a Marketing & Communications role for the Specialty Coffee Association.

Exciting news to share: Alex Bernson is officially coming on as the Editor of Barista Hustle. In the past 5 months the Hustle has grown from 2,500 initial readers to over 8,000, with an incredible global response and a burgeoning comment section. It’s been a challenge and a pleasure to write on here each week, and I’m thrilled to be kicking things up a gear.

Alex will be helping out all over the site: working with me to develop and refine the core content of Barista Hustle; building and supporting the amazing Barista Hustle community; and playing an integral role in some very exciting further expansions that you will be hearing about before too long (if you’re headed to Gothenburg for WOC, you might just get a sneak peek!).

Alex is a career barista and leading coffee writer and thinker currently based in Seattle, Washington. Most recently, he was the Managing Editor of His writing applies a sociological lens to coffee’s production, service, and cultural impact. He has lectured on such topics at the SCAA Symposium and Nordic Barista Cup, and worked in and managed specialty coffee establishments in Seattle, Portland, New York, Boston and Connecticut. In 2011 he graduated from Wesleyan University after founding Espwesso, a wholly-student run cafe on campus, and completing a Bachelors in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, with an honors thesis titled “The Social Space of The Café: How Service and Physical Design Condition Social Performances”.

Please give Alex a warm welcome in the comments, or check out his personal twitter feed @alexbernson.


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