Measuring Grind Retention


All grinder designs take a little time to dispense the coffee they have ground. In lesson B1 2.04 of the Barista One course and certification, we suggested a protocol for measuring grind retention. We liked it so much that we decided to produce a film with Matt, detailing the process.


Here is a breakdown of every step in the process:


  • Zero the empty waste container of your cordless vacuum on a scale — or better still, the entire vacuum if your scale can manage the weight.
  • Switch off the grinder, close the hopper gate, remove the hopper, and scoop away any beans which safely be removed from above the burrs.
  • Reattach the hopper.
  • Turn on the vacuum.
  • Place the opening of the vacuum at the throat of the grinder.
  • As the grinds begin to enter the vacuum, engage the motor of the grinder to ensure all the grinds between the burrs can exit the grinder throat.
  • Remove the waste chamber that you have previously zeroed and place it on the scale.
  • The number on your scale should report the grind retention.