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With more than 40 videos and 50 lessons, Milk Science & Latte Art is an online barista training course which takes you from dairy to cup. Our goal with this course is to train baristas and coffee lovers in everything from milk chemistry to milk pitcher grips. This course coaches you in how to steam milk and how to pour latte art; from the most basic standard up to the level of the Australian Latte Art Champion who features in dozens of course videos.


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Latte art has gone from an occasional novelty in third-wave coffee shops to a signature of modern coffee culture. It’s no longer just the domain of specialty coffee; it’s been widely adopted all around the world, practiced from the kitchens of home baristas to the shop floors of mass chains. At Barista Hustle we recognise customers assume baristas have mastered this part of their craft — and those expectations can feel intimidating. We also understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to pass on to other baristas the skills required for this complex craft.

This is why we’ve put together a complete training and certification platform to help you master these skills. Latte art can be fun and impressive, once you’ve got the hang of it.

With more than 40 videos and 50 lessons, drip-fed to you over three weeks, the Barista Hustle Milk Science and Latte Art course takes you from dairy to cup — teaching you everything from milk chemistry to practical technique. With a new and intuitive visual Latte Art Lexicon, we demystify and break down the steps required to produce stunning latte art. Through deconstructing known milk jug manoeuvres then working through latte art patterns with you, we steadily approach more complex patterns featuring an increasing number of elements. We start all of this with a comprehensive look at the science behind your milk and your foam.

Successful completion of the challenging final assessment will result in a Barista Hustle Milk Science and Latte Art Certification.

Course Outline:

Chapter 1 lays the framework for a holistic understanding of all the ingredients a barista works with when performing latte art. We explore the practice of dairy farming and dairy processing. We interview a dairy farmer to get an insider’s view of cows’ diets and a better understanding of what improves cows’ nutrition. We learn what it takes to produce milk that has the desired qualities of texture and flavour.  

In Chapter 2 we go deep into the chemistry of milk and milk foam, with the assistance of  Steven Abbott, a professor of surfactant science. In particular, we examine what holds bubbles together and what can make them deteriorate.

Chapter 3 moves the discussion to the cafe environment and examines what the espresso machine does, from a scientific and technical perspective, in the production of foam. From the barista’s perspective, we also look closely at the physical challenges of creating latte art. We study ways of holding and moving the pitcher, as well as the impact of the pitcher’s design.

Chapter 4 is all about the brush strokes, so to speak. How fast should you pour, and when? From what height? We also look into the psychological aspects of training your muscles to perform complex motor tasks, particularly under the pressure of professional competition or a high-volume workflow.

In Chapter 5 we begin to deconstruct the fundamental latte art designs, approaching them in progressive order of difficulty: first the monk’s head, then the heart, and then the tulip. We introduce the concept of flow profiling. This gives you precise details on the flow rates Barista Hustle Artist in Residence Shinsaku Fukayama uses to construct his amazing versions of classic latte art designs.

Chapter 6 workshops the rosetta in minute detail. Step by step, we teach you skills that will add smoothness to your pours and help you increase detail.

Chapter 7 ties all the iconography and nomenclature for modern latte art together and presents it to you as the Latte Art Lexicon. We walk you through how to use this tool to deconstruct advanced patterns.


Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Qué pasa después de comprar el curso?
Después de la compra, obtendrá una membresía en este sitio web que le otorgará acceso al curso.

¿El curso es en línea?
¡Sí, el curso es 100% online! Todo lo que necesita es una computadora o dispositivo móvil y una conexión a Internet. No es necesario estar en Australia para realizar el curso.

¿Cuánto tiempo se tarda en completar el curso?
The course will take maximum 30 hours if you include text, video explanations, assessments, and at-home experiments. This time is spaced out across four weekly instalments.

You don’t have to take the course on this schedule. The three weeks is just our recommended pace. Once the chapters are available to you, you can access them at any time forever.

¿Qué obtengo?
You get lifetime access to seven chapters, over 40 in-depth videos, the visual aide for the Latte Art Lexicon, and a Barista Hustle Accredited Certificate upon completion of the course.

¿Qué tan difícil es el curso?
El curso es desafiante pero está lejos de ser imposible de estudiar y comprender. Los videos profundizan en conceptos más difíciles y los explican más. Las pruebas exhaustivas al final de cada capítulo también le ayudarán a aplicar estos conceptos a la preparación diaria del café.

¿Y si tengo preguntas?
Envíanos un email a [email protected] and we’ll answer your questions as quickly as possible!

¿Qué es el proceso de certificación?
You have to complete each lesson and comprehension test, then pass the final assessment (85% or higher) to achieve certification. Proof of certification will be located on the BH site. You’ll be able to share the link with prospective employers. Your certificate is also printable and keeps its unique security ID.

¿Puedo compartir el curso con mis amigos?
Each user will have to pay for their own access to the course. We reserve the right to limit the number of IP addresses that access the course for each account and revoke access.

¿Hay tutoría en vivo o seminarios web disponibles?
In our efforts to make this course affordable and accessible to all Baristas, we’ve opted to make the content always accessible and non-interactive.

¿Cuánto tiempo tengo acceso?
Paga una vez y tienes acceso de por vida.

¿Tengo que estar suscrito a Barista Hustle para realizar el curso?
¡No! Cualquiera puede comprar el acceso al curso.

Can I retake the test if I don’t pass?
Puedes hacer el examen cuantas veces quieras.

¿Es compatible con dispositivos móviles?

What’s the refund policy?
If you’re not happy with the course, we’ll give you a full refund. Simple.

Will I learn how to make better cold brew?
This is a milk science and latte art course. You “might” learn to make better cold brew with milk. “Might”. 

¿Necesito una máquina de café expreso, un refractómetro o cualquier otro equipo especial?
No. We’ve designed this course to help everyone that makes latte art or works with milk-based coffee drinks, regardless of their equipment. Practicing the manoeuvres and designs required for latte art may prove difficult without access to a machine however.

¿Es adecuado para baristas domésticos o de servicio de nivel principiante?
If you can hold a milk pitcher — this course is for you. 

¿Se ofrece solo en inglés?
Por ahora si. Estamos trabajando para que las traducciones estén disponibles en varios idiomas más adelante. ¡Manténganse al tanto!

El curso está limitado a una dirección IP. ¿Puedo iniciar sesión desde varios dispositivos?
Yes! Multiple devices or locations are okay, but we’re mainly on the lookout for large scale abuse.

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