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Courses Included For Subscribers

Barista One – 58 Lessons
A barista course and certification covering the theory and practice of everything to do with modern espresso. Learn how to pull shots and how to pour latte art.

Advanced Espresso – 80 Lessons
Our most advanced espresso course. We look at the science, engineering and barista techniques that go into making the best possible espresso coffee.

Coffee Quality Control – 46 Lessons
Learn how to cup and grade coffee. We take an in depth look at all the modern scoring systems used to QC specialty coffee.

Immersion – 70 Lessons
Everything, from French press, Aeropress, syphon coffee, cold brew, and Ibrik — just to name a few. We also look at the best recipes for every immersion brew method.

Milk Science and Latte Art – 72 Lessons
This course coaches you in how to steam milk and how to pour latte art; from the most basic standard up to the level of latte art Champions.

Percolation – 46 Lessons
An exploration of the art and science of filter coffee. A barista course devoted to pour-over and batch brewed coffee in all its many forms.

Processing – 82 Lessons
We take an in depth look at washed, natural, and pulped natural processes, as well as looking into the most innovative new approaches to coffee fermentations around the globe.

Terroir – 52 Lessons
An online course about the environmental factors that affect coffee flavour. You’ll meet scientists, agronomists, and green coffee traders all focussed on sustainability in the world of coffee.

The Coffee Buyer’s Guide to Brazil – 20 Lessons
A course devoted to Brazilian coffee. Learn all about Brazil’s growing regions, plant varieties, and typical flavour profiles.

The Coffee Buyer’s Guide to Guatemala – 45 Lessons
Familiarise yourself with the growing regions, and plant varieties of Guatemalan coffee. We cover everything from seasonality to grading standards and roasting characteristics.

The Decision Tree – Lessons Published Biweekly – 23 Lessons
Learn how to mitigate carbon emissions in the coffee industry. Get the latest research and advice on how to run a coffee business that doesn’t pollute the planet.

The Espresso Machine – 22 Lessons
Gain a complete understanding of how the espresso machine works. We cover the history of all the game changing designs that improved the temperature stability and ergonomics in coffee making.

The Water Course – 45 Lessons
Learn how to diagnose and prevent limescale and corrosion damage in your coffee equipment. This detailed course gives you everything you need to take charge of your water chemistry.

Advanced Coffee Making – 87 Lessons
A course and certification to equip you with the tools to gain a deeper understanding of coffee extraction. Dial in your sensory awareness, and learn how to use a coffee refractometer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free Trial – How Does It Work?

When signing up to a subscription with a free trial, you will be asked to provide payment information on checkout. No payment will be taken from your registered payment method, until the end of the free trial period. You can cancel your subscription any time before your free trial period ends.

What happens after I've Signed up?

When you have signed up, you will get access to ‘My Account’ area found in the menu under ‘My Education Dashboard’. This is where you’ll find your courses and premium content, your learner profile, deal with account related information and manage your subscription and payment settings.

Can I sign up as an individual?

Yes! The individual plan is just for you.

Which courses are coming next?

We have a full roadmap of courses. IN no particular order, they include:

Basic Roasting – fundamental theory, applications to brewing.

The Coffee Buyer’s Guide – We are working our way through an origin series. Next up is Brazil.

Hospitality & Service – customer psychology & professionalism.

Cafe Finance – COGS, wages, budgeting, & pricing.
Operations and Management – cafe systems & HR skills.
Technical Skills & Servicing – preventative maintenance, basic repairs, and diagnosis.
Social Media – best practice, analytics, & consumer reviews.


Advanced Percolation  – fundamental theory & device specific methods.

Where do I take the courses?
Courses are delivered 100% online, viewable with any device, at any time, and in your own time. We also include practical exercises and experiments for bringing learning into your environment.
Do I get a certificate?
Each course contains a number of quizzes, culminating in a final exam for certification. Certificates are printable and listed as achievements on your public student profile.
What happens when I remove a Barista from my team?
If removed, Baristas can re-enrol personally or within another organisation and not lose progress.
Can I cancel or pause my membership?
Although BH Unlimited is intended as a continuous subscription, you can cancel at any time.