The Coffee Buyer’s Guide to Colombia

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Growing Regions of Colombia

CBGC 1.17 Risaralda

Harvest: September–December (main crop), April–May (mitaca)
Elevation: 1,300–1,900 metres (4,300–6,200 feet) above sea level
Rainfall: 1,500–3,500 millimetres (59–138 inches)
Temperature: 18°C–24°C (64°F–75°F)


Risaralda lies within the Eje Cafetero in the centre-west of Colombia, sandwiched between Caldas in the northeast, and Valle del Cauca and Quindío in the southwest. Risaralda stretches across the plateau between the central and western cordilleras of the Andes.

The volcanic soils, stable climate, and high elevations are ideal for growing coffee. The main harvest begins in September, but coffee is harvested in Risaralda all year round. The department is home to around 19,000 coffee-growing families (FNC 2022).

Coffee is harvested all year round in Risaralda,