Latte Art

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LA Prologue

LA 0.01 – A History of Latte Art

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Latte art has gone from an occasional novelty in third-wave coffee shops to a signature of modern coffee culture. It is no longer just the domain of specialty coffee; it has been widely adopted all around the world, practiced everywhere from the kitchens of home baristas to the shop floors of mass retail chains. At Barista Hustle we recognise that customers assume baristas have mastered this part of their craft — and that those expectations can feel intimidating. We also understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to pass on to other baristas the skills required for this amazing art.

But we also know how much fun and impressive latte art can be once you’ve got the hang of it. That’s why we put together this complete training and certification platform to help you master this art form. This course takes you from dairy to cup — and teaches you everything in-between, from milk chemistry to brush-stroke technique.

We are grateful to  to Shinsaku ‘Shin’ Fukayama, the 2018 Australian Latte Art Champion,  for his role as the Barista Hustle artist-in-residence. This course is intended to engender an awareness of the science and technique behind this beautiful, ephemeral art form. That awareness can, in turn, strengthen all the links in the production chain — from farm to cup.

In this video we walk you through all the important moments in the short history of latte art

This infographic (below) is available for you to print in high resolution. We hope it helps you locate the key turning points in the development of this art form — from the first recorded instance of milk and coffee being paired, up to the latest innovations in pattern design. The poster is a celebration of an art form that has free-poured its way into the history books. This download link allows you to access the PDF file: